Emptiness personified.

I am who I am in any given point in time. It is only when I try to negate what I am, I find myself in deep and utter desolation. The only way forward is to be aware of my being and accept it with all my heart. This is the only way to remain true to myself and honour myself from moment to moment. Amen.

Thoughts are all I have.

I am so chained by my thoughts that I do not know how to be liberated. I have yet to sort out.

Thoughts in my perspective is an imposition of something outside that is actually not what is in reality. I superimpose on what is happening , applying another story into what is being unfolded in front of me. I am aware of the superimposing of thoughts in the present situation but where I am stuck is how to do away with the additional story with what is happening in the here and now.