Upon intense reflection I have now realised there is no I, and thus I need not have anything to say. This is the new earth I see devoid of the I. The I being a repetition of all that I am for the past 41 years. Now from this moment on, die to this I. I no longer am attached to any of my thoughts, my physicals and lastly my actions. I wish everybody experience the same as I have although subjective to each one. So love to each of you all, the one veiled in the many forms. Hope we all unite as that which we are in the first place. Love love and only love is what we all are.



A job to hold. A status to portray.An economic condition to uphold, in order to belong to a class.

Standards, yardsticks, conformity skills, to fit into society. Such is the bane of the present life of homo sapiens. As humans we have brought upon ourselves, these inhuman conditions to be fulfilled, so as to be the so called successful and the over achieving intelligent race. We have created various loops through which we have to jump many times over, so as to fit in. Or else we are thrown aside to perish or suffer.
Our educational institutions are such which breeds conformers rather than creators. We are herded into one mold to conform in order to propagate the old order and retain it as is. Anything else is met with intense resistance ranging from ostracism to ridicule culminating into death in some cases brought about by the law upholders themselves. This prevents any individual to try out any new enterprise which could actually change the face of the earth.
The so called creative enterprises are still deeply rooted in the past. Except for its medium of propagation and transactions little else has changed. Sadly for us  the only option is the old order of learning to conform in order to propagate and keep intact that which has been handed from time immemorial.
Examples of this is so evident. With Modi assuming power why does the old conflicts of power distribution, dynasty politics, seat bargaining still a current issue as was in the past corrupt government? There has been no visible change as yet when we are waving the orange flag of change all across the land. Where is that change that I was promised by that ever green leader?
A new order is still no where in sight. Don’t you think it is time for a new order. An absolutely new way of thinking, igniting minds to bring about a pro active change rather than mere lip tokenism. A new wave which sweeps over wiping out all that is old and redundant.
If each of us realise our true nature, our true orientation in life. Is there something more to dealing with the world around? Are there new ways of dealing with the world around us? As individuals do we still have undiscovered skills?
 As humans have we failed to see our basic nature. Basically we are empty potentiality. This potentiality can be expressed in myriad ways to fulfil ourselves.
Our basic nature has been outlined in a whole lot of books. Though studies have been confirming regarding the truth, we are still blind to the truth due to the present reality which we have entrapped ourselves in. We are content to live our life following a herd and limiting ourselves instead of discovering our vast potential which need to be discovered by opening our eyes to the truth. All we need is an open and a broad mind rather than conforming to what society and the so called leaders propagate to us.
The emptiness can only be discovered by individualistic effort and cannot be propagated as the current educational systems are ensnaring the masses. What is required an atmosphere open to free our minds into enquiring into our nature of emptiness. A palace where we can go back to ancient wisdom rather than half baked knowledge.
The emptiness which I speak about is that of pure potentiality. The discovery that each one of us are just pure emptiness and have a lot of potential to change society as and when needed is of immediate necessity. We as humans are sitting on a hot plate not knowing that we are slowly burning into nothingness.
The way to change is only by discovering our true nature as that pure emptiness. Thereby we each play our part to bring in a new order creating anew, a society to live in peace and joy for which we were created in the first place.