The more questions I ask, the least possibility of it, being ever answered.  The question itself has the answer in it. I am the one asking as well as answering. I am only frustrating myself with the question. For eg. If I ask,”who am I?” The answer is in the question itself”I am”. Thus every qn has the ans ready. Just turning the qn gives me back to me. What an infinity loop I keep creating for myself. An error of judgement which keeps tying me up in never ending knots. Amazing exercise to keep me occupied for life. Thus it is rightly said, look no further!

Time to roll it all up and call it a day. Withdraw all things into myself. Time to smell the roses, see all things as is.

A time to to stop and never ever start.  A time to be and never to examine. A time to rest in equanimity with all.

No longer any conditions, settings to adjust, behaviour to change. All I do is breathe in and breathe out LET IT ALL IN.


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