Thanks to society, I am a social animal. The need to be accepted, therefore, is one of the greatest need of mine. My well being, depends on each and every person I encounter, accepting me unconditionally. So God forbid if any part of me, is not accepted by another. Thus I  am guilty of displeasing the other. I am totally at fault, i have to match up to the other’s expectation. I am responsible of the other, not accepting me. Be it in the form of outright rejection,ostracisation,  a snide remark, a rude stare, all of it and more, is my inability to be accepted by the other. The fault as they say lies entirely within me. Every single rejection is totally and fully an expression of how I was such a failure to conform, to be, to fit in.  Utter despair, awaits me at the end of this blog as well !!!!!! Please don’t disappoint me this time as well.


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