1. What are the various categories into which a particular act can be divided into?
  2. How can I decide a positive or for that matter a negative attribute to the said act?
  3. Is there a need to classify an act into productive or into non productive?
  4. If so what are the parameters?
  5. Have I to be always active?
  6. How do I ensure which tasks should I engage myself in?
  7. How would I know at a given time so and so is the action I have to be involved in?
  8. Will inaction cause damage to me?

I think action or inaction have a set of consequences once undertaken   It’s up to me what consequences I have to actualise in that point in time  As simple as apple pie The decision rests with me alone which course of action do I involve myself in and what do I want to experience in the after math


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