The now as a CONCEPT is where all all the limitations arise to the final freedom that one is struggling with,  through life. By trying to understand and internalise the now, I build myself a new way of living. The very thing which I am trying to escape from, the limitation which I am trying to be liberated from is just reduced to another concept. Bondage takes a new form, a new concept, a perception to view everything, an outlook to possess. I think I am liberated but AM I?


I am indeed a child of resurrection. Every moment of my life I am resurrecting my past to superimpose onto my present. My salvation rests only on nailing my past onto the cross of awareness leading to a new life of spontaneity and love.

Salvation is upon me any moment from now as I have now realised I no longer need to be chained to my past. This moment I am new. There is no me from now on. All doubts and fears have vanished. I see the light!!!

Resurrecting my past onto my present offers me salvation from what is truly alive and potential. A time for renewal, a time for new sight, insights, sanity is the new direction to seek and to be. If the blog does not make sense it is bec the words are a poor representation of true salvation and resurrection.